Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hoot, hoot!

I had this little piece of bark lying here for a few weeks now, that I wanted to turn into a pendant-thingy. Today I looked at it and just started carving an owl into it. It was a bit difficult because it needed quite some pressure, but I still had to be careful not to cause pieces to break out that should not do so. In the end I could not make it as elaborate as I wanted to ^^;
Still, I like the idea of using only natural materials :3

This is the you can see it is quite small (~3cm)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Skull ATC Swap

The post was really awesome this time. My partner got her ATC quite fast, as did I!

At first I was really unsure if I would manage to draw a proper skull but it wasn't so hard with a reference :)
The red is acrylic gloss enamel. I think it came out quite nicely! And because I was so happy I made an matching envelope.

And here is the ATC I got from piratecatainmo. The longer you look at it, the creepier it becomes...brrr....=D

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

more pink bunnies

The other day I had another pink bunny I drew some more pink bunnies. 2 Sentimental circus (san-x) ones and a fat bored-looking one with wings =D
I should turn them into an ATC or something...

I also made some sketches for an button fairy yesterday. I never done one before but I always love to try out new things. It's suppossed to have bird-style wings...I really hope I can make nice ones.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Vintage ATC Swap - Ladies

Here are the ones I made. I'm not really happy with how they turned out :/ I really wanted to use pressed flowers, but I completely messed up with the glue. The backgrounds are really boring, too... That's why I send two cards to make up for it ^^;
The pictures I printed turned out very nicely though. I used some sketchpaper.

And this is the card I got from Towenby. I really love the colors <3

Yesterday I send my Skull ATC...I like how it turned out which is really rare.
I noticed how very impatient I am...but the post here is really, really slow. ^^;
And I don't know what's going on with the color Inchies swaps. The next ones all got deleted. Hmmm...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I'm a bit behind with everything...

I send out my orange Inchies on Saturday. Yay~ I'll post photos when all those Inchie color swaps are over (There are 6 of them) =)
Today started a swap for a Skull-themed ATC. I really hope I can make a nice one!

Yesterday I finished this little cube bunny. Now the tiny white one I got from Miriam won't be so alone anymore =D
I should do more of them...I have so many, many fabrics lying around that I don't know what to use them for. I wan't a whole cube bunny army :D

Complete with fluffy tail~

Monday, 4 July 2011


One week without a post? Bad me~ I'm just horribly unmotivated at the moment.
But I finally managed two finish two it's Inchies again :D

Last week I made some cookies that turned out tasking rather like cake, but I actually prefer them not being so dry. They are not that beautiful, but it was my first try.

Well...maybe I manage to be a bit more creative this week.