Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas Cookies

I was so sad when it was so close to christmas and I still hadn't found the time to do some baking or crafting. Work was so exhausting this year, I started to work a second job on the weekends, there were final exams and to top it off we moved into a new apartment. Phew~

But two days before christmas I finally found time to make some cookies!

First I made some Nutella Cookies based on this super easy recipe I found here. It's simply 225 gr Nutella, 120 gr flour and one egg mixed together and then baked for about 7 minutes at 175 °C.
I just used a cheap, no-name version of Nutella which made it taste even better, because it wasn't as sweet as the original.
Ready to be baked!
After cooling off, I finished them with white chocolate coating.

Not so nice to look at...
...but very yummy!

I made a second set of cookies based on stuff I had at home. Mainly cereals, butter, sugar, flour....The first batch didn't turn out right, but the second ones were perfect!

Sadly we couldn't get to eat much of them, because we gave most of them away as little presents (forgot to make photos...)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tags for Christmas Presents

Every christmas at least one person in my family has the problem of not knowing anymore which present belongs to which person once they are wrapped. To avoid this problem I drew some cute little pictures and colored them with aquarels so make some tags to add to the presents.

While they were good use to me, most peole didn't even notice them :(

Well at least I finally got to use my aquarells again!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Mini amigurumi doll

This year was the most busy year I've ever had. I moved into a new apartment, work has been extremely busy as well.
I used to spend so much time online and this year real life got in the way....which is awesome, I guess :D

Which is more sad is, that I couldn't find time to craft, too...but paying the rent and housework is more important. Isn't it sad to be an adult? ;)

Still I have something litle to show. My crocheting skills have become really I apologize in advance for the outcome.
Well, here's a little amigurumi doll I did for a friend. I promised to make her one months ago (I notice a pattern....) and finally finished it.
Without time I need to make the neck thinner. But please notice the thumbs up ;)
 And with her dress. I wanted to make a Kimono at first, but to sew that tiny made me drive crazy, so I kept it simple.
Thanks for looking