Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kingdom Hearts ATC

For a Videogame ATC swap I chose Kingdom Hearts because my partner had an avatar from it. I only played the first game for like 30minutes, so I'm not really familiar with the characters. After I was nearly finished I messed up the colors and had to redo both of them. That's why they look to very rushed.

I still think they turned out okay... I guess. I like the colors at last.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advent wreath /Adventskranz

Our advent wreath ( Adventskranz )! =D I guess it's a typical German tradition...?
My mom made the wreath and I added the candles, ribbons and so on. We also made sure not to buy anything new (except for the candles of course), but use old christmas decoration we still had from the years before.

Christmas time is my favourite time of the year <3

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kanji Inchies + ATC

The swap was for 6 Inchies depicting Kanji. I made the extra ATC because I thought it fitted the theme ^^; I made everything really fast...now I wish I took a bit more time instead of chosing quantity over quality. Since I studied Japanese as a major I should be able to write cleaner than that.
I stillkinda like them. I love the butterfly stamp that I got for 50cents. I need to use it more often!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Videogame ATC - "A" - Assassins Creed & Alundra

Since they arrived I can post them now ^^

It's so hard to guess what kind of video games a person likes if it isn't clearly stated. I mean...Mario or Tetris everyone knows, many only play sports games and a FPS of their choice, some only play new stuff others only old stuff.

Since I didn't really know I chose first Assassins Creed because it's really popular. I don't own a X-Box 360 or a PS3 so I never played it. I wanted to try out something different for the ATC and I kinda like how it turned out even though it lacks contrast and is quite boring.
I did an extra ATC to include a game I actually played. Alundra was one of the earlier PSOne games. An old-style action RPG with a nice atmosphere. The ATC didn't turn out so nice though...I dunno >_<;

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Queen Isis

Still working on some Videogame ATCs...I want to send them asap! I messed up the first version though and have to redo two of them >__<

Since I don't have any crafty things to share I thought I introduce the new queen of our house. I posted photos of Isis before, but she is living with us for a month now. We love her dearly but the reason she lives with us is a very sad one.
My grandpa who loved her so much passed away and a few days later my grandma got in an accident and broke her hip. It was a big shock for all of us.

Whenever we were at my grandparents place my grandpa was sitting on the couch, Isis besides him often her head resting in his palm. He always called her "my girl" and said what a wonderful cat she is.

Hmm...I just wanted to share cute cat photos and now I got all sad again ):

She is sooo lazy, but she loves playing with the amigurumi jelly-fish.

Her favourite activity.

Poor thing can't go outside anymore. At my grandmas place she has a nice garden and here she can only look out the window.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

ATC - "Pearl"

Another random hand-drawn ATC. The scan turned out bad >__<

I signed up for a few new swaps. Next are Inchies with kanji symbols and then 3 different videogame related ATC swaps. Yay~!