Monday, 27 June 2011

The Goonies cross stitch WIP - 2

I made my own pattern for the Logo and added it. I don't still looks so unfinsihed and random...

I started all those ATCs for swapping, but I totally lack inspiration to finish anything at the moment. It really annoys me to work this slow )=
Nothing is perfect, but I'd feel really bad sending something that I don't like myself.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Pink bunny ATCs and Inchies

I doodled around and this is the result. Nothing special but really fun to do =D

Today arrived both letters with Inchies from the red Inchie swap! I'm so happy. It's really fun to get letters and the Inchies look great together =D

I started doing ATCs for a vintage swap yesterday, but I'm not quite happy with the results yet. Still need a bit pratice I think...I'll do a bunch of them and send the one I like the most!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New amigurumi

After I spend hours yesterday figuring out how to save the cross stitch pattern I wanted to do something else and finished those three cuties :)

I actually don't like how the bunnies turned out. I think I made a few mistakes and I kinda messed up their faces... >-> At least they are one of a kind XD

I went to the flea market today. I bought a few vintage postcards that were quite expensive... And I don't think I'll use them for ATCs since they are genuine post cards with written text and all. The text is really hard to read but I want to try to deciver it...I'd feel really bad cutting up a personal text somehow ^^;
I also got a figure display case for 3€!!! There were still some figures inside. Some porcelain cats, snails and a rabit, as well as some tin stuff! I wanted a display case so badly after I saw so many beautyful modified ones at craftster!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Goonies cross stitch WIP

Here is the cross stitch project I talked about...

First I wanted to do the Amiga version but I couldn't figure out the pattern. The NES version is much easier but has less details.
Now I feel like an idiot because I didn't count out everything properly. I wanted to put the logo on the left side but the logo is nearly as big as the kids and sloth standing there. It would fit but the left side would be very crowed and the right side totaly empty.
I wonder what to do...hmm...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Whee~ New games!

Sometimes you just fell like giving yourself a little present. I actually hate spending money, especially for myself, but I haven't bought anything for myself in months and wanted to cheer me up a bit :p
I got these 3 japanese Super NES /Super Famicom games from ebay. The delivery was so fast considering they came all the way from Sapporo. I was so happy when the package arrived. They are in very good condition and not that expensive. I payed less than 23€ for all three including shipping. Not too bad.

Here they are.

To be honest...I ordered Mystic Ark and Lennus mainly because I really liked the artwork. I only noticed later that Lennus was released in NA as Paladins Quest. It got really generic looking box art and very average ratings. The character designs and in-game graphics are very neat though. Very bright, pastel colors and the buildings and background looks quite cartoony.
Mystic Ark is a sequel to 7th Saga. Later was released in NA, too. Mystic Ark looks very nice. I love the battle graphics.
Romancing Saga 2 I had to get because I already own part 1 and part 3. Now I have them all complete :)

It's just strange that I'm not really playing much these days. Can't stop collecting though...and I could never give them away ^^;

BTW...started a cross-stitch project yesterday :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

More kittens

My mom took those pictures at her workplace. She was actually there when the cat gave birth and helped her :)

The pics are just too cute so I had to share them.

I want to cuddle them, too )=

Finished 6 red-themed Inchies for a swap yesterday. I really hope my partners like them. I'll send them away today and a postcard for another swap.
I just need to be carefull not to sign up for to many swaps....3 a months are more than enough ^^;

I want to to some cross-stitching again. I saw a motif that I just have to do!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Amulet bag swap

Yesterday I completed my first swap :)
It was a private swap with a friend I know from university and she was so nice to visit me yesterday. No shipping costs for both of us. We both like the cheap ;p

We made amulet bags for each other and filled them with fitting items. I wished for a bunny themed one and she wanted one owl themed one or one that fits her character Ayla. I decided for the later because she send me the cutest pics of some owl-cats.

Inside were a little blank book, an owl-cat inchie, a random lil pendand thingie and an owl for luck I had bought in Japan as souvenir.

This was the most time consuming piece... It's crotcheted and has button holes all along so that the wearer is able to change the size.

There are the paw-shaped buttons. I couldn't find small enough buttons in our button-box so I made them myself. They are made of simple paper and covered in acrylic paint. Cheap and easy :)

The inside of the little blank book.

And now what I got!
We actually had the very same idea for the bag :D
I love the little heart.

And it has a cute fluffy bunny-tail!

It was stuffed with all this cute little things. The cactus was an extra, but I had to include it here because it's so cute :)

Tiny, tiny bunnies <3

This is actually my favourite. Miriam painted it to look like my dear bunny I had for 9 years and that I loved very much.

Thank you very much :D !!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Artist Trading Cards

I just needed to try them out, too ;) So here are my first three ATCs ever.

Maybe I should call them crazy hair lady-series or something. Painted with liner and water colors. I put a bit silver and gold on them, cut them out an put them on some shiney paper. Not much else to say about them.

The next post will be about my first swap :)

Friday, 10 June 2011


Not two months ago I did'nt know what inchies were...and now I'm addicted!
They are 1 Inch x 1 Inch (2,6cm x 2,6cm) pieces of artwork, or, well, anything I guess

The animals were the first few I ever did and was just experimenting around. And then there is the fat little Dragon =D After singing, he gets tired and sometimes when he gets a little romantic he loves watching the sun set.

They are done with a fine waterproof liner and colored with water and aquarell colors. It's quite difficult because of the small size, especially when the colors start bleeding together. Maybe I should add a few more details with pencils.

I started a bigger inchie "project" but that will take some more time. Maybe I can finish it next week. It's something videogame related :) I hope it turns out okay.
I'd also love to experiment a bit more with other materials and not just simple painting.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


The first stamps I ever did. Made from an old, not properly erasing eraser.

These are the chinese characters for "Tiger" and "Dragon" as seal script. And a lil star that looks like it's drunk o-o;


Done with a 0.6mm hook and normal sewing yarn.

I saw tiny amigurumi at etsy and was completely awed by them. I had to try them out, too! There are also practical for me because I have tons and tons of sewing thread and nearly no crotched yarn. I love cheap!

Kitty! I wish I used different was the first one of the bunch I did and I used thicker, more stiff yarn because it was easier to deal with.

Chick without the egg shell.

And the owl. The eyes and the feet were the hardest part >->

My newest one is this little turtle. I think he turned out very cute :3

Right now I'm doing some bunnies and want to finish another turtle next.
But I'm so very slow...I can't crotchet at all if I'm not in the mood.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

First modified Match boxes!

I saw so many pretty modified at craftster I had to make some, too. I love the idea..they are cheap and easy to do and you can store all those tiny things that you don't know where to put. Great to store pearls and beads, buttons, inchies and the like.

I already posted them at craftster, but it doesn't hurt anyone to post them here, too :D

One ist covered with little pieces of a japanese newspaper and a lil family of origami cranes. The other is covered with simple aluminium foil you can find in every kitchen. I just crumpled it and put small dots of black acrylic paint on it that I smudged over with my fingers to give it an "old" look. The cross was from a cheap necklace, that broke in half even before I ever got to wear it... Now I'm glad that I just can't throw things away :P
The inside boxes are painted with acrylic paints from Hobby Line. (I love them)

A new start :)

Well...I decided to start using this blog again.
Mainly to show the different stuff I craft in my freetime. To reach more people I also want to write in English from now on.

My nick on craftster is ZombieLili and I just started there, too...but it's a great place to get inspired and I already have tons of ideas in my head.