Sunday, 8 January 2012

crochet DS case

Since I joined the 50 projects in 2012 craftalong at I looked through my photos yesterday to see what I've managed to draw, craft and create in 2011 and I have to say, I got a bit disapointed because it really isn't a lot. Most of it were Inchies and ATCs and nothing really all that "big" or "creative".
Well, I think I'm to strict with myself again because I'm new to this (I made my first ATC ever in June '11 !!) and compared to the years before I got A LOT done and I'm glad I'm back to drawing and painting.
It can only get better (okay..this is not true, but it sounds good) and so far the craftalong keeps me motivated and I really want to reach the goal of 50 projects! And I also want to keep doing artwork and maybe, maybe I can fullfill the dream of mine and do a comic.

But enough ranting! I finished this DS case the other day. It was really, really simple and fast to lay in my yarn box for over half a year before I picked it up again and added the flower and button.

Kitty was trying to steal it...

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