Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Presents :)

Ooops, been so long since my last post. In January my reaction to the horrible news was to just NOT think and craft as much as possible. Now my reaction is not being friggin' able to do ANYTHING! It's so frustrating :( It was my birthday recently and got many nice presents that I want to show off! From Mim-Chan I got this cute rabbit plushie! It's so soft and cuddly *-* And a needle book in the shape of an envelope. I soooo needed a needlebook of some form because my needles are like everywhere but never where I need them. Plus a super cute bookthong, a hand drawn card and a neko charm. Thank you again so much :)
I joined a My little Pony/Toy collectors forum not too long ago and everyone is so nice. These are the presents I got from Trixi-
....and ALL THIS I got from Moonbubble. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package
More of Moonbubbles presents. The felt Pony I got from her as part as a swap.
Isn't all of this awesome?! It's so awesome, yet I feel kinda...bad, because I don't think I deserve so much kindness. I want to give everyone a proper 'Thank you', but my lack of motivation is crippling my abilitiy to craft ;__;

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