Saturday, 29 June 2013

Elven girl

It's been ages again since I last updated. I actually feel bad not being able to do any crafting lately, as it always was very important to me. Since I was little I drew and painted nearly everyday and when I got older I got into sewing... it's just a nice feeling to create something... and it's not that I need praise (I kept like 90% of my drawings from the eyes of others) but it still feels nice when someone  likes something I made.

There are a few reasons I neglect crafting so much lately. First work and school eat up so much time, when I came home I'm simply too exhausted to do anything. Second I just feel burned out and unmotivated. It's like all creativity has left me. I really don't know why. Third...I often think what for? It's not that I'm very good at what I do. It's a simple hobby that I'm not even particularly good at. Now...that sounds very egoistical ;)

Well... all I can show you for today is a post-card sized pic of a neckid elven girl. Hey....clothes are hard to draw ;D

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