Monday, 2 December 2013


It's been ages since my last post. I'm barely online anymore and have even less time for crafting. Especially the later makes me sad sometimes, because I really feel that I need some place for crafting and creativity in my life.
My job isn't the worst in the world (by far) but it is so unfullfilling and leaves me often in a sour mood which is quite exhausting.

Anyways! Time for something more fun!

I may have next to no time for crafting, but I wasn't that lazy and ventured into the world of baking and cooking and other housewifey things. Better late than never, right ;)

First I want to present you something very British to enjoy when it's tea time: Short bread.
The recipee is very simple: 125 gr soft butter, 40 gr sugar, 25 gr powdered sugar, 225 gr flour and a hint of salt.There are other variants though.
Short bread is very dry and simply tastes of butter and flour but it tastes great with some tea. This one I made in August and it didn't last a day ;)

Have a great tea time =D

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