Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini-Amigurumi unicorn with sparkly match box home!

Wow...I promised a mirco amigirumi uncorn to a friend like a year ago and finally I finished it!
Actually I can't crochet very well and I'm bad with patterns. I used a newborn guinea pig pattern I found here : http://www.ravely.com/people/Luna1130 and simply changed it in the back and made different ears.

The feet are just little bobbles which makes it way easier. I always find it very difficult to crochet little parts and attach them.
I altered a match box with fabric, buttons, pearls and lots of nail polishand glue. After all this tiny unicorn needs a proper home.
It was really fun to simply mess around with the different materials even though it came out very differnt to what I had planned. The little book was made and bound by my boyfriend and I just glittered it up :D

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