Monday, 1 December 2014

Mini amigurumi doll

This year was the most busy year I've ever had. I moved into a new apartment, work has been extremely busy as well.
I used to spend so much time online and this year real life got in the way....which is awesome, I guess :D

Which is more sad is, that I couldn't find time to craft, too...but paying the rent and housework is more important. Isn't it sad to be an adult? ;)

Still I have something litle to show. My crocheting skills have become really I apologize in advance for the outcome.
Well, here's a little amigurumi doll I did for a friend. I promised to make her one months ago (I notice a pattern....) and finally finished it.
Without time I need to make the neck thinner. But please notice the thumbs up ;)
 And with her dress. I wanted to make a Kimono at first, but to sew that tiny made me drive crazy, so I kept it simple.
Thanks for looking

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