Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Inchie Color Swap - 1 - Red

This is a swap from like 3 months ago. It was the first one from a small series consisting of 6 swaps (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). I was so lame and recycled a few ideas, but now that all the swaps are over it's save for me to finally post pics.

This was the third swap I've ever done on swap-bot (the first one was the private amulet bag swap with miriam and the second swap was a simple postcard swap) so I was kinda nervous. Those were also one of the first Inchies I've ever done... I remember that I was actually kinda proud of them even though they are not that special.

Three Inchies for two partner. I thought I can't just send three Inchies so I made those ATCs to send along after studying my partners profiles. Leeloo from the movie the "Fifth Element" and a Borzoi dog.

I somehow really like the space cat one. The flowers were crocheted by me and those flowers can be opened (I used them for the other colors, too till I couldn't see them anymore ^^; )

That's how I send the Inchies. They are secured and still can be easily removed. The same for the ATCs. I only did this for the red Inchies though since I did not add ATCs for the other swaps.

I'll post the other colors the next few days ^^

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