Saturday, 24 September 2011

One Tiny Book Swap

I'm so very, very, very glad my partner likes the book =D I was so nervous, especially after seeing all the awesome books the other swappers made. It's so much fun to see the gallery fill up. is my book. I choose a Tim Burton-esque style and wanted to include stuff like little 3d-effects, doors to open and the like. I had the most fun with the drawings as I'm a bit more confident with drawing and it's really fun to draw in this style.

The cover looks a bit plain...but I'm really bad at drawing buildings and this was already my 4th try ^^;

Edward Scissorhands =D

Took like forever to cut them all out. I wanted the eyes to be mirrors, but it didn't work out so well :/

I saw a butterfly greeting card with this neat and easy 3d-effect. The thing here looks like it's been put together by a madman though ^^;; I should have drawn a nicer moth with more details.

This was actually the first page I decided on. There is no meaning behind it or anything... Somehow I seem to have a thing for creepy eye-thingies.

This page is even stranger ^^;; It looked so empty so I added more an more things...I just didn't plan it properly.

Another easy efect for greeting cards. Turned out better than I expected to be honest =D

The hairs took forever to draw...the flowers can be opened :)

This is from the book Coraline from Neil Gaiman. I kina like this page even though it is plain and my handwriting isn't the nicest.

And the back. I got this butterfly stamp super-cheap second-hand. The "frame" isn't glued on on the top so that other pictures can be simply put in.
The bookend is fabric (left-over from some black jeans that got shortened ^^), so it's quite flexibel and durable.

And here is the gallery for this wonderful swap on - >

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