Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Queen Isis

Still working on some Videogame ATCs...I want to send them asap! I messed up the first version though and have to redo two of them >__<

Since I don't have any crafty things to share I thought I introduce the new queen of our house. I posted photos of Isis before, but she is living with us for a month now. We love her dearly but the reason she lives with us is a very sad one.
My grandpa who loved her so much passed away and a few days later my grandma got in an accident and broke her hip. It was a big shock for all of us.

Whenever we were at my grandparents place my grandpa was sitting on the couch, Isis besides him often her head resting in his palm. He always called her "my girl" and said what a wonderful cat she is.

Hmm...I just wanted to share cute cat photos and now I got all sad again ):

She is sooo lazy, but she loves playing with the amigurumi jelly-fish.

Her favourite activity.

Poor thing can't go outside anymore. At my grandmas place she has a nice garden and here she can only look out the window.

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