Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Final Fantasy Character ATC Swap

Another fun swap. When I saw it I just had to join, especially since the rules said ANY title of the series was okay (everybody had to name 3 characters he or she would like to recieve).
I got really lucky because my partner named Fujin, Raijin and Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8. I used to be like totally into FF8 and Fujin and Raijin belonged to my favourite characters, too =3
Drawing those I remembered how much I was into the game. Fun memories ^^

Still, I'm not happy how these turned out :/ Raijins face is a bit crooked...and well...both are really plain.
My partner liked them though, so they are not that bad, I guess :p
Hmm...looking at them now...they really could be better >__<;

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