Tuesday, 9 August 2011

kawaii ATC - swap

Here are the ATCs I made for this swap. Chocobo form the Final Fantasy games, Disney's Stitch and some jellyfish! They were really fun to make =D .

The Stitch blowing bubbles and the jelly-fish ones were for one partner and the Chocobo one was for the other partner. I included the turtle Postcard, too because I can't simply send one person two cards and the other only one ^^;

The jelly fish are so easy to draw and lately I love to do rainbow backgrounds. For the Chocobo (when I saw a picture of a baby Chocobo I HAD to include it =D ) and Stitch I had to use a reference picture though.

Actually I like how the ATCs turned out. (Yay~!)

Yesterday I send my Inchies for the Green Inchie swap and a kawaii Inchie swap. Now I'm working on a button fairy and wish to send it asap and then no more swaps for me for one or two weeks!

I've gotten such nice comments and ratings lately ;o; That's so encouraging! It's such a nice feeling hearing that there are people who like something I made (self-confidence +100!).

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