Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New amigurumi

After I spend hours yesterday figuring out how to save the cross stitch pattern I wanted to do something else and finished those three cuties :)

I actually don't like how the bunnies turned out. I think I made a few mistakes and I kinda messed up their faces... >-> At least they are one of a kind XD

I went to the flea market today. I bought a few vintage postcards that were quite expensive... And I don't think I'll use them for ATCs since they are genuine post cards with written text and all. The text is really hard to read but I want to try to deciver it...I'd feel really bad cutting up a personal text somehow ^^;
I also got a figure display case for 3€!!! There were still some figures inside. Some porcelain cats, snails and a rabit, as well as some tin stuff! I wanted a display case so badly after I saw so many beautyful modified ones at craftster!

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