Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Amulet bag swap

Yesterday I completed my first swap :)
It was a private swap with a friend I know from university and she was so nice to visit me yesterday. No shipping costs for both of us. We both like the cheap ;p

We made amulet bags for each other and filled them with fitting items. I wished for a bunny themed one and she wanted one owl themed one or one that fits her character Ayla. I decided for the later because she send me the cutest pics of some owl-cats.

Inside were a little blank book, an owl-cat inchie, a random lil pendand thingie and an owl for luck I had bought in Japan as souvenir.

This was the most time consuming piece... It's crotcheted and has button holes all along so that the wearer is able to change the size.

There are the paw-shaped buttons. I couldn't find small enough buttons in our button-box so I made them myself. They are made of simple paper and covered in acrylic paint. Cheap and easy :)

The inside of the little blank book.

And now what I got!
We actually had the very same idea for the bag :D
I love the little heart.

And it has a cute fluffy bunny-tail!

It was stuffed with all this cute little things. The cactus was an extra, but I had to include it here because it's so cute :)

Tiny, tiny bunnies <3

This is actually my favourite. Miriam painted it to look like my dear bunny I had for 9 years and that I loved very much.

Thank you very much :D !!!

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