Friday, 10 June 2011


Not two months ago I did'nt know what inchies were...and now I'm addicted!
They are 1 Inch x 1 Inch (2,6cm x 2,6cm) pieces of artwork, or, well, anything I guess

The animals were the first few I ever did and was just experimenting around. And then there is the fat little Dragon =D After singing, he gets tired and sometimes when he gets a little romantic he loves watching the sun set.

They are done with a fine waterproof liner and colored with water and aquarell colors. It's quite difficult because of the small size, especially when the colors start bleeding together. Maybe I should add a few more details with pencils.

I started a bigger inchie "project" but that will take some more time. Maybe I can finish it next week. It's something videogame related :) I hope it turns out okay.
I'd also love to experiment a bit more with other materials and not just simple painting.

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