Wednesday, 8 June 2011

First modified Match boxes!

I saw so many pretty modified at craftster I had to make some, too. I love the idea..they are cheap and easy to do and you can store all those tiny things that you don't know where to put. Great to store pearls and beads, buttons, inchies and the like.

I already posted them at craftster, but it doesn't hurt anyone to post them here, too :D

One ist covered with little pieces of a japanese newspaper and a lil family of origami cranes. The other is covered with simple aluminium foil you can find in every kitchen. I just crumpled it and put small dots of black acrylic paint on it that I smudged over with my fingers to give it an "old" look. The cross was from a cheap necklace, that broke in half even before I ever got to wear it... Now I'm glad that I just can't throw things away :P
The inside boxes are painted with acrylic paints from Hobby Line. (I love them)

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