Saturday, 18 June 2011

Whee~ New games!

Sometimes you just fell like giving yourself a little present. I actually hate spending money, especially for myself, but I haven't bought anything for myself in months and wanted to cheer me up a bit :p
I got these 3 japanese Super NES /Super Famicom games from ebay. The delivery was so fast considering they came all the way from Sapporo. I was so happy when the package arrived. They are in very good condition and not that expensive. I payed less than 23€ for all three including shipping. Not too bad.

Here they are.

To be honest...I ordered Mystic Ark and Lennus mainly because I really liked the artwork. I only noticed later that Lennus was released in NA as Paladins Quest. It got really generic looking box art and very average ratings. The character designs and in-game graphics are very neat though. Very bright, pastel colors and the buildings and background looks quite cartoony.
Mystic Ark is a sequel to 7th Saga. Later was released in NA, too. Mystic Ark looks very nice. I love the battle graphics.
Romancing Saga 2 I had to get because I already own part 1 and part 3. Now I have them all complete :)

It's just strange that I'm not really playing much these days. Can't stop collecting though...and I could never give them away ^^;

BTW...started a cross-stitch project yesterday :)

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